Why Montessori?

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Dr. Maria Montessori, founder of the Montessori philosophy over a hundred years ago in Italy, described the “absorbent mind” during early childhood as having the innate and unrelenting capacity to effortlessly absorb everything in their surrounding about their culture, language and environment. At Villa Di Maria Montessori, we harness this amazing potential of your child so that they become lifelong learners and continue to confidently explore their full potential.

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori education offers a unique experience designed to help children maximize their potential; an educational environment that is purposefully designed to meet their unique developmental needs and adults who are specifically trained to observe and put them in touch with exactly what they need at that very moment to learn. AMI Montessori schools work diligently to provide a positive and formative experience that will serve them now and for the rest of her life.

General Structure of Montessori Class:

The teacher, child, and environment create a learning triangle. The classroom is prepared by the teacher to encourage independence, freedom within limits, and a sense of order. The child, through individual choice, makes use of what the environment offers to develop himself, interacting with the teacher when support and/or guidance is needed

Some of the hallmarks of Montessori Method include peer-learning where younger children learn from older children. Older children reinforce their learning by teaching concepts they have already mastered. This type of work also mirrors the real world, where individuals work and socialize with people of all ages and dispositions. In early childhood, Montessori students learn through sensory-motor activities, working with materials that develop their cognitive powers through direct experience: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, and movement.

Please come and observe how children at Villa Di Maria Montessori School are benefiting from the Montessori philosophy.

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